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How do I get customers in the Coronavirus Outbreak?


How do I get customers in the Coronavirus Outbreak?


Based on the US current statistic of customers shopping habits in the Coronavirus outbreak. Figures show that 74.6% are avoiding shopping centres and outlets, and 52.7% are avoiding shops. The decline in footfall is having a significant effect on the small to medium retailers staying afloat. What is happening in China and the US is a indication of what to expect in the UK in the coming months.


If any of these questions apply to you, then we can help!

  • Are you a small to medium business who rely on customers walking into your shop to make transactions?
  • I don’t currently have a way to take payments or advertise online?
  • I can’t afford to build a new website but want the same impact?
  • Time is running out, and you need to bring in customers straight away?
Corona Virus

Keep Trading

We have created a package designed to be easy on the pocket and quick enough to get your products seen online. Available only to UK small and medium businesses* is our new Keep Trading package.

A 3-page e-commerce website that has all the features of the large online retailers but set-up and built-in seven days*.

Featuring: –

  • The 3-page website from Only £49 per month*
  • Up to 25 products listed
  • SEO optimise content
  • Fully integrated into Facebook
  • PayPal/Stripe integration
  • Wide Selection of themes
  • Min 12 months contract

What are businesses saying?

We have talked to local businesses and asked what obstacles they may face in the coming months. And the answer is either we have a website and need more visibility on search, or we rely on customers coming in-store and may have to close due to the current social gathering guidance.

As an SME Marketing company ourselves, we are lucky enough to be online and decided to help in any way we can, other small to medium business stay trading in this uncertain time.

That is why this exclusive deal is only available to companies with less than 30 employees based in the UK. (contact us if you do not fit into this category but would like us to help). Contact

*T&C Apply – (£150 start-up costs for adding 25 products & SEO content, £49 per month rolling 12-month contract with the option to upgrade and add more products. Advance notice of cancellation of service renewing after 12 months within 30 days. Available only to small-medium businesses with less than 30 employees in the coronavirus outbreak period, all images & content required before making the website live.)

How did you find us?