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    Is your business ready for the new “normal”?


    Is your business ready for the new “normal”?


    Is your business ready for the new “normal”?

    Lockdown has caused many businesses to come to a standstill. The future is still unclear, yet don’t let this hold your business back from improving your online presence. Like the phoenix rose from the fire, are you ready for the new opportunities ahead?


    As a result of COVID-19, the lockdown has been an unexpected and challenging time for most businesses. Many have experienced struggles which have resulted in a negative impact for the majority. Some have suggested that the current situation will ‘change marketing forever’, but don’t be fooled. Looking back at history shows that the economy can recover, even though we may face a new “normal”.


    Companies are changing and adapting to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. Media consumption during lockdown has already increased by 70% in web browsing, evidently supporting the significance of establishing your business’ online presence. Use this time productively to assess and improve your website by using appropriate strategies.


    Why should I have a website for my business?


    Accessibility. A website enables customers to access information regarding your business anytime, anywhere. Ensuring your website is easy to navigate, not only warrants convenience but increases the likelihood of customers returning. Establishing your business online, allows you to reach more people, therefore generating more customers. Helping customers should be one of your priorities, hence including additional information for customers to access, for example, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Having the most popular questions all in one place makes it easy for the client to find the answers they are looking for is vital.


    Due to COVID-19, the importance of having a website has grown even higher. Most businesses are unable to operate how they used to and need to find alternative ways to work. Companies are moving online now is a standard option. Creating a website is the starting point for moving in the right direction. Don’t be left behind in lockdown as new opportunities arise.



    We offer a website package deal created to be secure and reliable for companies based in the UK and with less than 30 employees.

    This includes 3-page e-commerce which will be ready to use in seven days from only £49 per month.


    What is the importance of an online presence?


    Whether your business is solely based online or instore, your online presence must be flawless. A website allows you to build your brand in one place, including your previous work, customer information, and what makes you stand out from your competitors. Additionally, your credibility is increased, which can be boosted with customer feedback to advance your reputation.


    Internet communication is critical in engaging your customers and creating a long-lasting relationship. Some potential clients may look at your website before meeting in person. Therefore your website acts as the first impression. Ensuring this is positive means qualities such as web design and engaging information must be guaranteed. A businesses main aim is to increase customers, so a lack of online presence will cause customers to go elsewhere.


    How can I improve my website?


    Its the perfect time to assess your current website and create beneficial improvements. A mistake many companies make is viewing their homepage as their shop window when the whole site itself acts as your shop window to customers. Each page is equally as important and should, therefore, be presented attractively and engagingly.


    Web design

    User experience is essential in having a positive impact which, in return, increases the probability of returning customers. The design of your website affects the way people view your brand, which reflects your brand personality and impacts perceptions. Having a good web design is a matter of whether customers will stay on your website or go elsewhere to a competitor. Examples include colour, white space, usability, navigation, and positioning. More and more people are now viewing websites from their mobiles; therefore guaranteeing mobile integration is also essential. Your website should successfully inform the viewer, sell what you are offering, and meet the user’s needs.



    Web design is what the visitor sees first. Next is the content. Having precise, reliable content makes it easy for the client to understand the information provided. Good content also helps search engines identify what your brand message is implying. It is vital to make it clear what the purpose of your website is, through the content. So an appropriate portrayal needs to be understood. Therefore, reaching more potential customers. Compelling content is essential when selling a product or service while remaining informative. By having new, high-quality content once a week, will boost your rankings and impressions which are crucial for SEO.



    Search engine optimisation (SEO) provides users with trust in your website and provides you with organic traffic: the better SEO, the more customers. There are more than likely many other companies selling what you do, by improving your SEO allows you to be recognised and found when someone is using a search engine. Utilising SEO is essential for all companies with an online presence, no matter the budget. By having high-quality SEO which increases traffic means you do not need paid advertising. Therefore the additional money saved can be used elsewhere. As companies start to move out of lockdown, competition is going to be high, so make sure your SEO is of a high standard.


    How can I let customers know about our changes due to COVID-19?


    Creating a new page on your website specifically for new information and changes regarding COVID-19 is an effective way to communicate with your customers. Dedicate a section including the relevant information such as new procedures and safety precautions to inform your customers. This will reassure people that you acknowledge the current situation and are making appropriate changes to fit the needs of the customer. Including photos is another beneficial way to create a visual representation of the onsite changes that customers can be expecting.


    It is important to consider the questions customers may ask to ensure the relevant information is included in this section, whilst ensuring it is easy to find and understand. This will show people that you have already thought about their queries and concerns. Some examples of questions include:


    • How many members of staff will be on location?
    • Are you using the correct PPE?
    • Are your hours changing or remaining the same?
    • Are there new ways in which to contact you?
    • Do customers need to book an appointment?
    • What measures have you put in place to allow social distancing?
    • How is the business maintaining adequate hygiene?
    • Are there changes regarding your product or service availability?


    How can I stay in contact with customers during this lockdown?


    Communication is key. Any announcements or new information which you add to the website could also be added to social media and sent out by email to customers. These platforms can then include a link to the appropriate page on your website for more information.


    Consistently add new posts to your social media platforms and website on topics which may interest your customers. Even if these are not specifically to do with your brand, it will help to increase engagement and maintain a positive relationship. Some clients may be feeling isolated, so by maintaining communication will create a positive representation of your business.


    These past few months have been a big change for all of us, but don’t let this stop you from working towards building your business. If you don’t have a website, consider creating one. If you do have a website, think about what can be improved. Try to be one step ahead.


    Leave your competitors behind in the race out of lockdown.

    Author: Orlagh Tracey

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