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    Marketing Vs Advertising

    Marketing vs Advertising


    Marketing vs Advertising


    Marketing Vs Advertising

    It is a common misconception that marketing is the same as advertising. However, this could not be further from the truth. This post will break down the difference between marketing and advertising and give you some reasons why you should be both marketing and advertising your business.

    What is advertising?

    Advertising is the process of influencing and communication with your customer through a paid message. This paid advertisement can include Billboards, leaflets and paid online ads. A business will pay for an ad to reach a customer to inform them of the business product or service. An ad aims to influence your customer to purchase what you are promoting. Advertisement requires research into customer behaviour and market activity. The analysis aims to create an effective advert and gain maximum attention. Without research, your advert may not reach your desired audience and will not lead to purchases of your product. If done correctly, adverting is a perfect way to gain short term income.

    What is Marketing?

    The process of marketing is promoting your business through valued content and consistency. Marketing your brand aims to imprint your brand into the mind of the customer and provide them with value-added content. Marketing focuses on achieving a change in your audience; this can be a change in knowledge, awareness or belief.

    Why is marketing important?

    The purpose of marketing is to get your target audience interested in your brand and what you offer. Through the use of market research, you can identify and understand your customer and produce content that will grab their attention. Consistent marketing can lead to a brand awareness that could eventually drive to a purchase of your products or service. Although advertising is a part of marketing, they are both very different things.

    Marketing and advertising the same thing?

    Now you understand what marketing and advertising are you need to know why they are different. While advertising is a part of marketing, both promotional methods are very different things. Marketing your brand will cost you your time as you spend more time putting out different types of content such as blogs, videos and posts. With advertising, you are paying for ad space and paying for your content to obtain attention. Both marketing and advertisement can gain a lot of attention. However, consistent content targeted to your audience can prove more useful as you can always remind the customer of your brand. Another key difference is that marketing can lead to long term gain, whereas advertising can obtain short term income. When marketing your brand, you are focused on customer attention and providing them with continuous information about your product or service. Customers can become familiar with your brand and purchase products or services at a later date. Advertising can gain customer interaction today, leading to the purchase of a product as soon as they have seen the advertisement.


    Why shouldn't you rely on just advertising?

    If an advertisement can lead to direct sales, why wouldn’t you use ads to promote your business? Advertisements cannot build your brand as much as marketing can. An ad relies on engaging fresh content to grab your customer’s attention. Without standing out, your brand will not receive any recognition or business. Different types of marketing can help provide new content to build awareness.

    What are the types of marketing?

    Social media marketing, Internet marketing, print marketing and SEO are all different types of marketing. Various methods are more effective than others, depending on your customer and their needs and wants. Social media marketing, Internet marketing, print marketing and SEO are all different types of marketing. When finding what marketing type suits your customer, a business should conduct market research.

    What is Social Media Marketing?

    Social Media Marketing is an excellent tool for all businesses to use to grow brand awareness and build customer relations. This type of marketing includes engaging content posted to different social media platforms such as images, text and videos. When beginning to promote your business on social media, you should identify your target audience. Some social platforms have younger demographics such as TikTok whereas Facebook has an older demographic. After identifying the right platform, social media can help you increase brand awareness, boost conversions and develop your brand image.

    What is Content Marketing?

    Content marketing focuses on providing fresh, relevant and consistently engaging content. Uploaded content sends attention to your website in an attempt to drive customer action. Content Marketing consists of articles, blogs, videos and webinars. Always providing customers with relevant and valuable information can retain a customer and help to build brand loyalty and awareness. Without uploading quality and consistent content on your website, your customers won’t return, and others are unlikely to discover you.

    What is SEO?

    Search engine optimisation is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. SEO boosts organic traffic coming to a website that a business hasn’t purchased. Other methods of increasing online traffic are through google ads. However, this can be expensive, especially if there is high competition for your keywords. Once the content is on a website, it won’t rank on google without SEO. Keywords in titles and the meta description can be beneficial at optimising your content. Without effective SEO your business, it is unlikely that people will find your business online.