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    Tik Tok

    What is Tik Tok?

    Tik Tok

    What is Tik Tok?

    What is Tik Tok?

    Welcome to our 1st ever News session with Orlagh and this week it’s all about Tik Tok.

    With over 800 million active users, Tik Tok is one of the most popular and influential social media platforms today. The app allows users to create 15 or 60-second videos. These videos can be edited within the app and shared across multiple social media platforms.

    The platform has experienced extraordinary growth since its introduction in 2016. Consequently, it now has more users than platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. This growth has attracted the attention of businesses for the potential marketing opportunities the platform offers. As growth continues, the brand awareness gained from using the Tik Tok app is too much to ignore.


    Despite a predominantly young demographic, the app’s popularity and creative tools make it perfect for businesses to advertise or build brand awareness.

    Our six reasons below will tell you why your business needs to be on Tik Tok.



    Tik Tok’s growth is unmatched by any other platform, with the app generating over 800 million active users in 4 years. The growth is unique; it has taken Instagram 10 years to reach 1 billion users. As active users increase, it is becoming easier for your account to gain attraction.

    Implementing trending hashtags and new challenges into your content can boost your visibility on the platform.

    It’s a common misconception that all Tik Tok users are all generation Z, as 41% of active users are ages 16-24. However, 33% of the demographic is over 30 years old, giving a variety of users for your business to target. All successful social media platforms begin by targeting a younger audience. Instagram began with a young demographic and has grown to a platform used by over 25 million businesses.


    Advertising on the Tik Tok app is similar to other popular platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. You can pay influencers to promote your products by talking about them in videos or mentioning you in the description. TikTok also allows you to run paid ads on the platform to promote your business. A survey found that 15% of companies are running paid ads on the app, with 79% of the ads being successful.

    Viral content

    Viral content can be used by businesses to build their awareness on the platform. Viral videos on Tik Tok can reach over 1 billion views with thousands of other creators recreating or duetting the video. Using trends in your content can make your content visible and can help you grow. Audio used in videos can also start to trend. Using this audio in the background of your video can also extend your reach to potential customers on Tik Tok.

    Original content

    The app focuses on the personality of the content creator. The relationship built through fun and engaging content can develop trust between the creator and their audience. Successful creators produce transparent content that can show the user who they are. Businesses have also found success in implementing humour into their content, generating many views and likes in the process.



    Hashtags are the key to reaching your desired audience. Trending hashtags are found on the discover page and can boost your visibility on the platform. Trending hashtags can also provide content ideas and allow you to become creative with your content.

    TikTok’s local hashtag feature is also helpful for businesses wanting to reach users in their area. Hashtags can aid local businesses wanting to reach a specific target audience to build their awareness.

    You can also create and share a hashtag. Hashtags provide engagement for your brand across all social media by sharing content. Companies can produce hashtag challenges; generating a large number of views boosting brand awareness.



    One of TikTok’s most useful tool is the ability to share your content to all your social media platforms hassle-free. The share button is at the bottom right of all videos. The button allows you to share content to platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and emails. The ability to share videos extends the reach of your content and connects your followers to additional social media channels.

    Sharing video content to other channels is also made easy as you don’t need an account to view shared videos. However, to follow and like an account, you need to sign up. Video content can be saved as a GIF, making your content easier to consume on other social platforms.


    Build relationships

    Building a relationship with customers can be difficult online. Tik Tok allows businesses to produce original content that expresses your personality and engages your audience. The relaxed and low-pressure content uploaded to the app helps you build trust with customers. This trust can drive purchase and loyalty.

    What are your thoughts?

    • Is Tik Tok right for your business?
    • If you already use the platform, what content do you produce?
    Let us know down below!