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    QA Flooring Sample Presenters

    QA Flooring Breathe

    QA Flooring Sample Presenters

    The Challenge

    Was to create a unique, eyecatching swatch incorporating QA flooring solutions original sample products. The brief was that they wanted the samples to have look, touch and feel in one bespoke sample booklet. The Key focus was it had to reflect the Breathe name created for this new brand. As well as having all the technical data supplied by the client.

    “We have worked with the team at Mustang for several years. They are always very helpful and good at understanding individual client needs. One of the projects they have recently completed for us is presenter booklets for our flooring underlay range”.  QA Flooring 2019


    The Solution

    We decided to create a focus group to pull ideas and keywords together for the Breathe brand development. Based on the feedback, it was agreed to design a logo that incorporated the product as light, textured and “a breath of fresh air” — emphasizing the 100% Natural product that gives enhanced air quality and underfoot comfort.

    Our creative design studio developed the fluffy cloud design and shot the model images in-house. Giving the feeling of walking on air or in the clouds. Inside featured all the green qualities the product enveloped & the significant data supplied by QA flooring Solutions. Different swatches were developed by Mustang containing the different ranges available, such as carpet, flooring and engineering.

    The Result

    From design to the print finish we have supplied over 10,000 product samples for QA, and they have become part of our trusted family. The Breathe brand has been a huge success and a quality brand in it’s own right, with massive growth and a new website due in 2020.

    “These are a very bespoke requirement for our company, Mustang carried out the whole project for us from design to print and assembling of the booklets.”

    Garry Atmore – QA Flooring Solutions Marketing Manager