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Q&A Thursdays

Q&A Thursday Episode 4

Q&A Thursday Episode 4

Q&A Thursday Episode 4

Q&A Thursdays

Q&A Thursday Episode 4

Welcome back to Q&A Thursday episode 4 brought to you by Jacob and Orlagh. This week we are covering the world of textured print technology, specifically TECNIcart, a printing technology provided by Mustang’s partner Ce.Ge. We interviewed Heather, a member of our Mustang team, about what TECNIcart is and what the brand offers. 

TECNIcart is a revolutionary print technology that allows customers to feel a sample of their chosen material. TECNIcart’s unique technology helps to create sample books, and colour cards, predominantly for flooring and kitchen industries. TECNIcart’s many years of research has allowed the creation of original textured samples that represent the materials colour, texture and scent.

What does the brand provide?

TECNIcart offers a bespoke service of printed samples. A team of graphic designers can design a personalised product for your business. Products range from a booklet or brochure, presenting an example of your products, a flipbook, keyring chain, board or poster. The printing technology can provide any size, and design style, making your products 100% original. Mustang recently produced a flipbook about what TECNIcart offers in-depth. If you would like to know more, follow the link to read about TECNIcart’s products and order your brochure. 

Are samples produced by TECNIcart realistic?

TECNIcart’s samples are a 100% accurate representation of the original material, concerning texture and colour. TECNIcart is part of the ISO 12647-2 standard, which is the standard agreed by European specialists. Printing machinery and processes have these standards implemented. Customers can also take advantage of colour stability in their products. If a customer requires a specific blue, it can be repeated on successive occasions and in different jobs.

Does anyone else produce touch products like TECNIcart’s?

TECNIcart’s production process is one of a kind. Their revolutionary technology is exclusive and is distributed all over the world. Other touch products available. However, they would use the original material to make bonded samples. By doing so, products aren’t consistent, very costly and not lightweight.

How are TECNIcart’s products better than standard samples?

TECNIcart’s samples are lightweight compared to traditional samples. Consequently, examples are compact into a booklet or brochure. Therefore, you can provide your customer with your whole offering in a straightforward booklet rather than many large plinths. Secondly, tecnicart can promise 100% accuracy in creating a replica in every batch. Traditional samples are never uniform. Customers can often get confused if different examples of the same material have different colours.TECNIcart is also cheaper to produce continuously printed samples than traditional. It is more economical as it doesn’t use any original materials or bonded samples. 

How does TECNIcart impact the environment?

TECNIcart has established an internal code, so the daily activity of their staff has a minimal environmental impact. They offer customers a range of “green” products and develop processes that reduce their ecological footprint. For example, TECNIcart only works with suppliers who demonstrate the same sensitivity to nature.

How long does it take for TECNIcart to produce samples?

TECNIcart can produce samples in 4-5 weeks; this is faster than traditional examples which can take 5-6 months.

Will mass production of TECNIcart samples damage quality?

TECNIcart is incredibly proud to be part of several quality associations and can guarantee uniformity in all copies. Mustang also asked Ce.Ge general director Carles Subirats questions about his innovative technology.

Why do you think TECNIcart is better than your competitors?

“Because it is a unique technology with the best relation quality, reliability and price.”

What is the next revolutionary technology future for TECNIcart?

“To expand to other types of material like textiles.”

If you have any more questions about TECNIcart and the products they offer, do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a comment on our website, contact us via email at or phone us on 01925754766

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