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    Q&A Thursday Episode 9

    Q&A Thursday Episode 9

    Q&A Thursday Episode 9

    Q&A Thursday Episode 9

    Q&A Thursday Episode 9

    Welcome back to another Q&A Thursday Episode 9 with Jacob and Orlagh. This week we are discussing the benefits of print marketing and how it can help your business. In recent years different companies have invested in digital marketing and websites as a way to reach their customers and have left print behind. This way of marketing may suit some businesses, but for others, print marketing is still extremely invaluable.

    What is print marketing

    Print marketing or Print-media advertising is a type of advertisement that consists of physically printed media. Printed media can include flyers, brochures, business cards, magazines and much more. Many businesses use print media to reach and communicate with their customers and prospects. Using physically printed media can prove very fruitful for companies; however, the growth in digital advertising has left many companies forgetting about print. Despite digital marketing’s growth and success, it hasn’t yet taken over print marketing.

    Why is print marketing beneficial

    It’s personal

    Feeling valued is very important for customers, and print ads can help make customers feel important. Direct make, leaflets and other personal advertisements can have more of a persona; touch than other advertisements such as google ads. Personally, receiving promotions rather than via email can make customers feel valued, which could lead to customer loyalty.

    Grabbing attention

    Another benefit is that physical print marketing can garb the attention of your customer. With printed content, designers can be a lot more creative, producing vibrant and attention-grabbing designs that attract consumers. As well as design, a physical advertisement that a consumer can hold is more engaging than online ads. Engaging physical ads can boost responsiveness to printed ads, potentially, converting into sales.

    Response rate

    Printed advertisement can have many benefits. One of which is the response rate experienced from the printed ads. Over the years, many analysts have conducted studies revolving around the importance and success of print. Many studies have found that consumers still heavily rely on print. One study investigated if printed media influenced their purchasing decision. As a result, more than 50% of those questioned answered yes. The study found that email marketing affects the purchase decision of only 37% and store websites, only 27%. This data outlines the power print marketing still has on consumers.

    The response rate is essential for businesses; if your advertisement isn’t gaining a response, it’s a waste of your money and time. Many different types of marketing have varying levels of success with some types of marketing, proving less successful than others. Direct marketing has a success rate of 4.4% with email marketing have a response rate of only 0.12%.

    Building reputation

    Printed marketing material can appear more professional to some consumers giving your business a professional impression. A business that puts times and money into printed material can appear more serious and trustworthy. A companies credibility can be a deciding factor in customers purchasing decision.

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