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    Q&A Thursday Episode 2

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    Q&A Thursday Episode 2

    Q&A Thursdays

    Q&A Thursday - Episode 2

    Welcome back to our Q&A Thursday session brought to you by Jacob and Orlagh. This week our topic is all about social media platforms and the new features launched this week. We will be focusing on WhatsApp’s new payment feature, twitter’s recent audio tweets and Instagram’s unique identification verifying system.

    Twitter Audio Tweets

    Last week Twitter released a blog announcing their new audio tweet feature. This limited feature allows users to create 140-second videos to post onto your twitter feed. The initiative to develop audio tweets came after the realisation that a lot can go unsaid or uninterpreted with text.

    The feature is currently limited to IOS with all users having access to the new feature in the coming weeks. Audio tweets are similar to using text; the content will appear in the news feed for your followers to view. However, Twitter hasn’t enabled users to reply to tweets with audio tweets.

    Deaf journalist, Liam O’Dell suggested that with the new feature, it may segregate Twitter’s deaf audience. Twitter has since apologised for the issues and is developing audio tweets further. The social media company will also create a dedicated group of people who will focus on accessibility. Currently, they don’t have people for this; they rely on employees volunteering rather than a formal team.

    WhatsApp payment system

    Currently, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users. The platform has launched a trial of its new in-app payment system in Brazil. With over 120 million active users, Brazil is one of WhatsApp’s largest markets. In-app payments can be sent by individuals or small businesses to complete transactions. The platforms are currently using the payment method Cielo which is popular in Brazil.

    If the new social media feature is successful in the brazil trial, WhatsApp could move the function to another location for testing. India has over 400 million active WhatsApp users, Therefore, making it a likely candidate.

    Facebook pay launched on the platform in late 2019. The system allows transactions to take place on messenger for Facebook pages and businesses as well as individuals. The introduction of WhatsApp’s payment system could enable users to send money across all Facebook-owned platforms.

    The payment feature is similar to Apple-pay, which enables users to send money from iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. Similar to apple, WhatsApp requires a fingerprint or eye recognition to complete the transaction or a six-digit code.

    Businesses such as barbershops could take advantage of the new feature if customers have supported cards. Contactless payments are becoming the norm to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.  

    Instagram identification

    Facebook is developing ways of reducing the number of trolls and fake accounts on Instagram. One method developed by the company is an identification verifying system that will require a user’s ID if an account has a particular reach. Once an account reaches a level of activity or following their account will be required to enter their name and produce some identification. Without verification, the profile could freeze or become suspended; however, there is no official information. Verification is already occurring on Facebook, accounts that have viral posts will be required to provide identification.

    Verifying identity could be linked to Facebook’s payment feature. Facebook is reducing the risk of fake scam accounts abusing the payment system that could connect Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.


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