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Tune in Tuesday Episode 10

Q&A Thursday Episode 10

Tune in Tuesday Episode 10

Q&A Thursday Episode 10

Tune in Tuesday Episode 10

Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 10 with Orlagh. This week we’re going to be telling you everything you need to know about TECNIcart and why you should be using their technology. We will discuss its advantages over traditional samples as well as the clients it can provide for the formats available.

What is TECNIcart?

The brand is a new and exclusive technology used for creating product samples. The process uses a form of graphic printing to produce any texture colour and even scent! From flooring samples to nail polish samples, the technology can improve sample printing for an extensive range of sectors.

TECNIcart is revolutionary printing technology, and Mustang, along with TECNIcart, has listed several critical advantages of TECNIcart’s products.



The production will mimic the represented material with a 100% realistic appearance.



Samples use no original material, therefore not only reducing production costs but also reducing weight and size. Making them perfect for posting out to clients, (perfect with the current climate) 

Unique Design

Their team of experienced Graphic Designers will design your product to a sort after, high standard. Combining this design with our show-stopping technology, your business will stand out against competitors. 


The use of an industrial process ensures precision and uniformity, unlike traditional methods. 

If you wish to view more benefits, TECNIcart can provide, and how the new technology can help your business you can view more on the TECNIcart website (

A Green Working Company

A green working company means that the day to day activity of your staff and business has little environmental effects. TECNIcart executes this every day, and it’s something they are very proud of. They also offer a range of Green products to help their clients become ‘Greener’. And they only deal with suppliers who take the same environmental care as themselves. This environmental checklist has led to the company receiving recognition by the leading ecological conservationists.

Also, if you have any questions about or for TECNIcart, then please leave them in the comments. Next week Orlagh will be interviewing with Heather from TECNIcart with all your questions answered.

If you enjoyed Tune in Tuesday Episode 10, Don’t Forget to Tune in every week for breaking news with Orlagh.

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