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Tune in Tuesday Episode 11

Tune in Tuesday Episode 11

Tune in Tuesday Episode 11

Tune in Tuesday Episode 11

Tune in Tuesday Episode 11

Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 11 with Orlagh. This week we’re joined by special guest Heather from TECNIcart. Mustang has interviewed Heather about TECNIcart to give you more information about the innovative brand. If you have any different questions after reading this, concerning TECNIcart feel free to post them down below.

If you read last week’s blog, we discussed what TECNIcart is and the significant advantages the unique technology can have on your business. In short, TECNIcart is an industrial process of graphic printing, used to print sample cards and colour cards.

Our interview with TECNIcart consisted of many different frequently asked questions that TECNIcart receive.

What are the differences between real samples and TECNIcart samples?

Real Vs TECNIcart

TECNIcart is a unique alternative to traditional sample books on the market. Such sample books are costly and slow to produce. They can also be Inflexible, often heavy to carry, and not uniform. TECNIcart samples are a 100% replica, created using graphic printing. As a result, we don’t use original materials other than a scan to obtain the properties of the material. The technology can then be printed into any graphic format, whether this is catalogues, fan swatches or colour cards. Not only proving a more effective way to produce samples but also creating a marketing material which is unique and stands out to your brand.

How do you differ from your competitors?

Why is TECNIcart different

TECNIcart is an exclusive technology, so no one else in the world offers the same product. Therefore we’re relatively a niche and have no competitors as such. Still, I guess traditional sample makers are our competitors, or they’re at least in the same sector. Despite having some similarities, we offer completely different things.

What environmental impact does TECNIcart have?

A Green Company

TECNIcart is an entirely green working company; therefore, the day to day activity of our staff has minimal effects on the environment. Consequently, the company has developed processes to help reduce the ecological offering of our contribution and offer a range of ‘Green’ products, allowing our clients also to be aware of their environmental impact. If this wasn’t enough, we also only work with suppliers who also offer the same ecological conservation productions as TECNI cart, which shows our respect for the environment. Also, the recognition that the company has gained by the most demanding and aspiring certifications, including FSC, PEFC and Lets Plant For The Planet.

How long does it take to produce?


So your TECNIcart product can be delivered to you within 4-5 weeks, which is a fantastic reduction in production time compared to original samples which could take 5-6 months!

Compared to real samples, is it expensive?

No, so as I mentioned before TECNIcart uses no original materials to produce the samples, and because of this we can keep the costs right down, the product needs to be thought of as a sample production, not a simple graphic print or catalogue because it’s so much more than that.

When producing mass samples, will they be identical?

Mass Production

Yes, this is something we have perfected, and we’re very proud of, being able to guarantee each production and line to be identical. This reliability is helpful to the customer as with traditional samples; they can often differ quite substantially between batches. Wood naturally varies, and this can cause issues when customers are picking colours and textures. So clients can choose what they believe to be the best representation of the material, and that is what we will use.

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