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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12 Banner

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 12

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 12 with Orlagh. So this week we’re in a bit of a different setting because I thought let’s change it up a little. For today’s topic, I’m going to be informing you about how to increase your local online brand awareness. 

    What is local online brand awareness, and why does your business need it?

    Local brand awareness is the knowledge and perception of your business from potential customers around you. A business should always strive for strong brand awareness as then there are more potential customers for your company. This should be no different online. Ensuring that your brand is known online can expand the reach of your business. Ensuring that your local brand awareness is exceptional is also crucial as customers in your area are the most willing to interact with your business. 

    Local Search Booster

    How do I boost my local brand awareness?

    The best way to boost your local brand awareness online is by having a website and correctly using SEO to attract local traffic. The biggest question is, how can you effectively attract local traffic? Mustang has discovered that Google determines your websites ranking in 3 ways: relevance, distance and prominence.


    What is Relevance?

    Relevance is how well your product/service matches with what the customer is searching for. This factor is where your SEO must be relevant for your target audience. The content on your website needs to be precise, consistent and informative. This valuable information will then help Google to understand your business to match you to the right customers.


    This one is pretty easy.

    Google looks at the location used in search and the most relevant and nearest businesses to this. If the customer doesn’t specify the location, Google will calculate the distance based on the information Google can get from their specific location instead.


    And finally…

    Prominence is how well-known your business is. Businesses that are more prominent offline often still appear to show up online. But if we’re focusing on the factors that impact prominence online, then the number of reviews and positive ratings will have a significant effect on this. The better the reviews, the higher the ranking. However, another important factor is your SEO, so make sure this is of high quality too.

    I hope our blog post has helped to give you a better understanding of what’s needed to increase your local online brand awareness. If you need any help with this, here at Mustang Marketing, we offer a local search booster. We can aid you and your business with all of this. So if this is something you’re interested in then feel free to contact us by clicking the ‘contact us’ button below!

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