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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 13

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 13

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 13

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 13

    5 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 13. This week we’re sharing our top 5 tips to increase your businesses brand awareness. If you are unfamiliar, brand awareness is how familiar consumers are with the qualities, features or images of your brand. Brand awareness is an essential aspect of your business and is something every marketer strives towards.

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    How to increase your brand awareness 

    Create content

    Creating and publishing content is an easy way to show your audience what you have to offer, rather than just telling them. Content can vary from blog posts to videos and images. This content may not always be a quick way to gain more customers, but it helps people to recognise your brand if you are consistent with content. People will then build a positive relationship with you and see you as reliable. But remember always to share your content on various platforms for it to reach more people.

    Social media posts

    I know what you’re thinking, this may be an obvious one, but you have got to ensure your posts are relevant and of high quality. Customers usually see your business around seven times before they decide to purchase, so remember to be consistent. Consistency is crucial to make sure you stay in the consumers’ mind. Be patient and persistent with social media, as it takes and time and effort but will then pay off.

    Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing is a new type of marketing which has gained popularity alongside the growth of platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Carefully choose influencers who have an audience similar to yours. Contact influencers to see if they would be interested in doing a paid ad or in exchange for a free product/service. Influencers don’t just have to be people; your business could also collaborate with other brands.


     Infographics are a perfect way to catch your viewer’s eye. You can post infographics on your social media platforms, and you can encourage others to share them too! Ensure your infographics are a good representation of your brand; this could be bright and colourful, or simple and sleek. Experiment with this, and be creative.


    Competitions are an excellent way to increase your brand awareness. Create a competition, tailored to your chosen target audience as this will consequently increase your engagement and build up your social media activity. Be careful to stick to what your business offers, because if you go off track, you may attract the wrong audience who won’t remain after your competition. 


    What do you mean by brand awareness?

    Brand awareness is ultimately how aware consumers are of your brand. If your brand is recognisable, whether it be a memorable logo or an incredibly unique product/service, your brand awareness is high. If your brand doesn’t stand out to consumers, your brand’s awareness will ultimately be relatively low.

    Why is brand awareness important?

    Brand awareness is a crucial competitive advantage. When launching a product or promoting an existing one, consumers may be more inclined to chose your brand over competitors if you’re familiar or well-known. Having a strong brand image can also encourage repeat purchase and loyal customers; a key objective for all businesses.

    What is online brand awareness?

    Online brand awareness

    Online brand awareness is similar to regular brand awareness. It is how visible your brand is to consumers online. One fundamental way to build your online brand awareness is by having a website, something that Mustang is happy to help with!

    How is brand awareness measured?

    Brand awareness can be measured by repeat purchase or direct traffic to your website. A repeat purchase or website visit shows that the consumer remembered your brand and visited in an attempt to fulfil their needs. Being aware of and measuring your brand recall can help you evaluate your brand awareness and identify any problems.

    If you enjoyed Tune in Tuesday Episode 13, Don’t Forget to Tune in every week for breaking news with Orlagh.

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