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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 16

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 16

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 16

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 16

    Starting a website for beginners

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 16! This week we’re discussing how to start a website for beginners, also why you would want to do so.


    Why is it important for businesses to have a website?

    To some, having a website may seem like a logical approach to starting your business online; however, not everyone is familiar with this. If you are looking to take your first steps in the online business world, I would recommend starting with a website. A website can be your convenient online shop which can leave a great first impression with potential customers. But you’ve got to make sure it’s a good one. Otherwise, what is the point in spending time and money if you aren’t going to showcase your company memorably? 

    Mustang has put together their top 3 steps you need to take to launch your website.

    1. Make a plan

    This step is where your brainstorming begins. You need to decide on your website’s structure which includes the various headings and how you want it to appear to your audience. You also need to have a good idea of the content as this is the main body of information. Be informative, yet precise.

    2. Choose a domain

    A domain will be the name of your website and needs to be registered. Usually, it is the name of your business, but you have to make sure that no other website has that name. If you are launching your business for the first time, try to make the title catchy and individual, and not too long.

    3. Optimise your website.

    Website optimisation is where you improve your website’s performance in an attempt to increase traffic. More traffic to your site the more likely it is to gain more customers. Increasing web traffic is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) comes into play. We have already created a blog before named ‘Understanding SEO in 5 Minutes’ on our website. If you wish to understand more about SEO, find the blog in our newsroom.

    So it is entirely understandable that starting a website can be a daunting experience if you haven’t done it before. Mustang wants to reassure you that we are here to help you build a professional and high-quality website that’ll leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. Mustang also offers a website package deal where we can get your website up and running in just seven days, so feel free to contact us if your company requires an expert website.


    Should my business have a website?


    Every company should have a website, especially in 2020. Not having a website can dramatically affect your visibility online. For many companies, a website is a point if contact online, a showcase of what their business is capable of. Most of the time, a website is a place where customers can purchase their products. E-commerce sites have become more significant this year than ever before, as it has allowed businesses to continue to operate whilst customers remain safe.

    Will websites earn money?

    It depends…

    Setting up an E-commerce site can allow your business to operate and sell your goods or services online. You can also monetise a website in many ways, such as selling ad space or by affiliate marketing. The capital generated from your website depends on the quality of your website as well as your web traffic.

    Why is my website not secure?

    You can tell if your website is secure or not by checking your search bar. If you have a padlock before your URL, great, if not, you need an SSL certificate. If you see “Not Secure” it is because the website isn’t providing a secure connection. Installing an SSL certificate will ensure your website is secure and safe. Mustang offers an SSL certificate for all sites to ensure that they are protected.

    If you enjoyed Tune in Tuesday Episode 16, Don’t Forget to Tune in every week for breaking news with Orlagh.

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