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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 17

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 17

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 17

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 17

    Can an E-commerce website help my business?

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 17. Following the announcement on Thursday (5th November), England is now in a second national lockdown this month. These new restrictions have left many businesses scratching their heads, wondering how these next few months will pan out. For many companies moving their operations online to sell goods is a viable option for their business to continue to operate. If an E-commerce site is something your business is considering, read on to find out how it can help your business during this winter period.

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    How can an E-commerce site help my business?

    Whether you are starting a new business or if this is something you have been doing for years, lockdown will have various effects on everybody. However, as shops close once again, companies without an online presence are going to find this Lockdown challenging. By having an E-commerce website, you will be able to carry on making sales via an E-shop or online shop. Although creating an E-shop will require extra operations such as delivery, the benefits are too good to ignore. Having an E-commerce site may mean your business will be less likely to have a negative financial impact from England’s current circumstances.

    Why sell online?

    Some years ago starting a business involved having an actual shop and relying on customers coming through the door. Whereas now, the online world is thriving, especially for businesses. The Global E-commerce Market Ranking 2019 found that the UK has the 4th greatest E-commerce market, as well as the 3rd highest amount of shoppers online. And this is always increasing.

    Can E-commerce replace retail stores?

    Other studies show that a fifth of small businesses had started selling online for the first time during the lockdown, which began in March this year. Therefore, this is the perfect time to go online and start selling your products or services. Having a physical shop in the town centre is all well and great, but by having an E-commerce website, you can reach people in their homes.

    What E-commerce platform is best?

    The growing interest in E-commerce sites has created a burst of E-commerce software that allows your business to make a limited E-commerce site. Companies such as Shopify and Wix enable businesses to purchase an empty site to populate themselves; however, these types of sites are very restricted. Shopify restricts the user when it comes to SEO content; therefore, your website’s organic traffic won’t grow. No SEO can be damaging for your website as only a small number of people will be able to find your site online. Mustang creates a new E-commerce site that allows you to add SEO content to further your site’s growth.

    If you’re interested in starting an E-commerce site for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact details on our contact page.


    What does E-commerce mean?

    E-commerce or sometimes seen as eCommerce is an online business model enabling businesses to sell goods online. You can purchase almost all goods and services on E-commerce sites with such sites operating in all four sectors. These significant sectors include business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer and consumer to business. You can access E-commerce sites on all platforms, from smartphones to desktops.

    Why is E-commerce important?

    E-commerce websites can offer much more than enabling you to sell your goods online. Having an E-commerce website opens opportunities to increase digital marketing, helping you build a more significant customer base, growing your business. Selling online rather than in a physical storw means that you can have more extensive product ranges, leaving more for the customer to choose. With a successful and optimised website, you can offer customers 24/7 service meaning your sales never stop.

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