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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 6

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 6

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 6

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 6

    Tune in Tuesday - Episode 6

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 6 presented by Orlagh. This Tune in Tuesday Episode 6 we will be discussing our top 10 marketing tips for new businesses. Last week we discussed that many people in the UK may be turning to self-employment after mass redundancies across the UK. This list we have created shows some basic tips that all businesses big or small should be using. 

        1. Differentiate yourself 

    Standing out from competitors by offering something that no one provides is an obvious way to gain more customers. The best way is by conducting a competitor analysis and looking at what your competition offers. The best unique selling point you can offer is one that customers want and need. Conducting a competition analysis can be done online with a google search of your competitors. Visiting a competitors website and looking at what words they target in google ads are good ways to find what you can do differently. Ultimately providing something different that will benefit the customer will increase your customers. However, you can’t be successful with only a good idea you need to reach your audience as well.

        2. Social Media

    Utilising social media platforms is a way to reach and form a positive relationship with your audience and customers. You can comment, share and start conversations to engage with others which helps to increase your social media presence. Use trending hashtags to get your posts seen, or even create your hashtags to start a viral challenge. To stand out from the competition, you need to be unique. Share entertaining and informative content to attract your target audience. The use of emojis is another way of engaging with people. 92% of people say they use emojis because they feel it helps to express themselves in a better way than just using words. Most importantly, be consistent. If your followers see your posts multiple times a day, then you will stick in their mind.

        3. Websites

    As a business in 2020, why wouldn’t you have a website? There are only positives. It allows people to access your businesses information anytime they need to. Having an online presence can also help you to reach more people who, in turn, produce more customers. You’re able to create individual pages, each for different information, for example, products/service, contact information, FAQs, etc. Ensuring web design is of high quality is essential during web development. For your website to be useful, the user experience is of high importance and means customers are more likely to return.

    What is the role of a website?

    – To inform your audience

    – Sell your product or service

    – Meet the user’s needs

        4. Creating Content

    The higher the quality, the greater the engagement. By creating exciting content, your audience is more likely to connect with you and show a higher interest in your product or service. The material on your website needs to be precise and reliable. Write a blog, create videos or infographics, to show your audience who you are as a brand. Share this content to your social platforms to reach more people to generate more traffic to lead onto your website. Consistency is key. Create new, exciting content at least once a week to improve your rankings and impressions.

        5. SEO

    SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial in ensuring your website is successful and reaches your target audience. Not only does it provide users with trust in your website, but it also generates more organic traffic and makes the webpage faster. SEO is essential due to Google ranking your website based on domain speed and usability. By adding links to other pages, including your social media platforms, Google will recognise social business pages as more authoritative. The higher quality of SEO, the higher the conversion rate, which in turn leads on to more customers. Online visibility provides more leads through search engines which increases exposure to your target audience. Utilising SEO is vital for all businesses with an online presence, but this must correspond with Google’s algorithm. Finding the right keywords can be difficult and needs to be reviewed often, we can do this for you!

        6. Mailing Lists

    Email marketing is a beneficial way to connect with customers and generate leads for sales. Take advantage of adding a pop up to your website displaying a ‘subscribe’ button, for people to join your mailing list, to be the first to hear about new products/services. Those who are interested in your business will join the mailing list, therefore ensuring genuine customers. Offer exclusive deals by joining the mailing list, as a lot of people may experience FOMO (fear of missing out), meaning they are more likely to participate. This fear creates a sense of urgency, encouraging people to join so they don’t miss out.

        7. PPC ADS

    Making use of PPC (pay per click) ads is an effective way to get your website to the top of Google quickly. Yes, it may cost money, but it is a successful way to secure traffic and conversions. You can do this while building up your SEO to gain organic traffic. By using PPC ads, your ad is at the top of the search results, and you pay Google every-time, someone, clicks on the advertisement. PPC ads are an excellent way for new businesses who struggle to compete with others to reach the top of google’s search results organically. This method targets your audience who are already looking for what you are offering. Therefore, increasing the chances of the lead converting into a sale.

        8. Display ADS

    Before digital marketing, advertising consisted of billboards, posters and flyers. Display ads are the online equivalent to this. You can choose which website to feature your business on who may attract a similar audience. You have a specific amount of space to display your ad, and it is essential to be creative with this to catch your audiences’ eye. When a user clicks on your ads, they go to a landing page on your website. The landing page must then be consistent with the display ad, guaranteeing the execution of the same message. Otherwise, your business will not seem trustworthy.

        9. Customer reviews 

    When your business is online, your online reputation is significant. Companies with poor online reviews are less likely to have traffic come to their site. A survey found that 30% claimed considerations are critical when judging a local business. Customers will listen to what previous customers say about their experience rather than what the company says. Therefore maintaining positive high rated reviews from your customers is a crucial aspect of your digital marketing strategy. 

        10. Video content 

    All content uploaded to your site or social media needs to be engaging in building awareness for your business. One of the best forms of content to bring awareness and attention to your business is video content. Regularly uploading videos will not only bring more interaction but will also allow customers to understand and view your product/service. 97% claim video has increased user understanding of their product or service. Video production is continuously growing in popularity at an exponential rate, so why wouldn’t you start creating? 

    If you or your business needs more information about these tips or needs further help with marketing get in touch! Email: Telephone 01925754766

    If you enjoyed this week’s Tune in Tuesday Episode 6, let us know down in the comments below. We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have; you can contact us at or on 01925754766.

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