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    Tune in Tuesday Episode 7

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 7

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 7

    Tune in Tuesday Episode 7

    Tune in Tuesday - Episode 7

    Welcome back to another Tune in Tuesday Episode 7. This week we are sharing our top ten tips for making your social media more engaging. After many businesses have made a move online during the UK lockdown many have struggled to find success online. We hope that our basic tips will be of use.

    Know your audience 

    Before you begin to share your content and post on social media, you need to understand what your audience wants to see. Many businesses mistakenly guess what their audience wants to see and question why they didn’t receive the response they expected. Knowing your audience’s needs and wants can change how they interact with your content. It would be best if you spent time listening to your audience. Look at what they’re discussing and implementing their needs into your content. Adapting content to focus on your audience can allow you to create posts so people can engage. Engaging content can, therefore, encourage people to revisit your pages. 

    Share valuable content 

    Social media users won’t follow your pages if the content you are posting isn’t informative or helping them in any way. People using social media want entertainment or information, and if your post can provide either they won’t hang about. If you create informative content that they will use it is invaluable as it will encourage people to return to your page. For example, Foodinsider is a food-themed Instagram account with over 2 million followers sharing food facts and tips, gaining thousands of likes per post. 


    One of the primary purposes of social media is to connect with people. Hashtags are a useful way to do this as they make it easy for people to look for relevant information. Using hashtags boosts your post as it increases visibility from others who are speaking about something similar. Using suitable hashtags can help you reach your target audience as users can filter what they see on their timeline. People can also search for hashtags they are interested in which can be very useful for businesses to be seen by social media users.

    Join discussions 

    The most popular social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have a collective user base of over 3 billion active users. Many of which are having their discussions with other users with anyone free to leave their input. Joining or even starting reviews and questions and answers sessions could show that You’re a useful brand. Providing relevant information can build your awareness and could help you create your social profile online. For those asking questions about your brand show them to a frequently asked questions blog which can inform and answer most users questions. 

    Share other content 

    Many platforms allow users to share each other’s content. If an individual or business finds content relevant to their account or finds it attractive, they are more likely to share this to their followers. As a business, sharing content to your followers increases engagement and makes your brand appear more genuine. Sharing other businesses content is also a good idea as they might share yours too, which helps others to see your page. If others share your content, this helps your SEO as you seem more credible, and search engines prefer content that is shared.

    Engaging media 

    Creating content is all well and good, but only if it is engaging. Content marketing can be in the form of text, photo, video or audio. However, the two most effective types of media are video and gifs. 82 % of businesses suggest video marketing is an essential component of their marketing strategy. Viewers are more likely to look at your content for longer, and it usually provides better entertainment which is also convenient. Videos are easy to watch, and it usually has a higher return on investment (ROI) by displaying this through various platforms. 

    Post at optimal times 

    Who is your audience? When are they on social media? As a business, you should know the answers, and you should take advantage of this information. If you are posting content for your audience but you’re doing it when they aren’t active you’re wasting time. Businesses targeting B2B usually have specific times when online, for example, 7 AM-9 AM is very popular. B2C is also quite similar with 9 AM being a popular time to post. 

    Engage with your audience 

    For your audience to engage with you, you need to engage with them. Engagement content can be conducting polls, asking questions, commenting on others posts, running competitions, and posting frequently. When you start to engage with your audience, people can get to know your brand, so it increases brand awareness. It also helps to attract new customers who are interested in your content. 

    Use trends 

    Trends are updated every day, and different patterns have varying levels of popularity. Talking about trending hashtags or topics can boost your engagements and encourage users to take a look at your account to see what else you post. Using trends can also increase your reach; therefore, more users are viewing your content and consequently, aware of your brand. Many trends are the same weekly such as #mondaymotivation, allowing you to be consistent in reaching a wider audience. 

    Use tools 

    If you use all of these social media marketing tips, your business’s presence on social media is going to improve. However, it is essential to understand how your posts are performing to then make relevant improvements. Improving is done by using analytics to analyse your followers, the results of your posts, compare platforms, and improve your ROI. You are also able to track likes, clicks and shares, to see engagement and impressions. Analytics is an important tip not to miss out, to ensure the time and effort you put into your businesses social media is a success. 

    Using all the essential tips we’ve given will help your social media and will help you create engaging, valuable content that your followers will want to see. If you have any questions or if you would like to improve further your digital marketing strategy contact us and well be happy to help. Email: Telephone: 01925754766 

    If you enjoyed this week’s Tune in Tuesday Episode 7, let us know down in the comments below. We will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have; you can contact us at or on 01925754766.

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